Here it comes! – 5 reasons I will end up getting the X-Pro 2

As I mentioned in my previous article, the X-Pro 2 is on its way. I’ve decided that I will take the plunge and get it. After thinking about it for a good while and reading some online first impressions, I’ve come to the conclusion that the X-Pro 2 covers most of the X-Pro 1 quirks that made me stop shooting with it.

Here are 5 reasons why I’ll be getting the X-Pro 2.

Improved AF

After I bought the X100S, my biggest gripe whenever I picked up the X-Pro 1 was the speed of the autofocus. I do admittedly have one of the slower AF lenses (35mm 1.4) and the amount of hunting it does is frustrating, especially in low light.

From everything I have read, the AF has greatly improved and I’m looking forward to enjoying using a snappy camera again 🙂

Would have loved to get the focus on the eyes in this one!
Would have loved to get the focus on the eyes in this one!

Improved ISO

The new sensor has an improved sensitivity of 1 stop. That is huge!

OVF with manual focus

This is the one feature that has me really excited. The X-Pro 2, like the X100T, has a small window that can be enabled in the Optical Viewfinder (OVF) to allow you to see the focus through the EVF.


This allows you to check manual focus while still seeing through the Optical viewfinder. This is a game changer for me and I am very excited to try this out!

Weather Sealing

I’m happy the the X-Pro 2 is finally weather sealed. I’ve never had an issue with my X-Pro 1 but the added peace of mind is great, especially living in a country as wet as Ireland.

Wifi connectivity

I know alsmost all cameras have Wifi nowadays but my cameras do not. I use a eye-fi MOBI card on my x100s to transfer pictures to my phone for posting on instagram (@photolographer) and sending to my Instax printer to give as a gift to people. It’s a nice little token that people really appreciate. Being able to quickly select pictures to send to my phone, or be able to take pictures while looking at my phone will open a lot of candid photography moments.

I could go on for another 5 more but I think I’ve covered the major aspects. Overall I’m very excited for this new camera. My next question is do I ditch my X100S to get a 23mm 1.4?

2 thoughts on “Here it comes! – 5 reasons I will end up getting the X-Pro 2”

  1. Great summary, Manuel! But don”t ditch the X100s. Just get a 16mm f1.4 for the XPro2 and with your existing 35mm you’ll have a substantial range covered. I bought the 16mm just for the Iran trip and it was my most used lens. I would love to have an XPro2 but cannot justify it at present, and the high price in Oz (AUD$2500) puts it out of range even if I could.

    1. Hi John,

      I wish I could but buying the x-pro2 has drained all my resources. The only way to get an extra lens will be to sell something. I could sell my x-pro1 but it has a lot of sentimental value and they are worth peanuts right now.

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